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Top 3 Reasons to Have an Attorney File Your EEOC Complaint

You have suffered discrimination and retaliation in the workplace and you want to fight back. Depending on your specific case, your next step may be to file a complaint with the EEOC. Below are the top 3 reasons why you should hire an experienced Nashville EEOC lawyer to file your complaint (aka “Charge of Discrimination”). Nashville employment lawyer Curt Masker has successfully represented numerous workers during the EEOC charge process.

#1. Missteps at the EEOC can harm your case in court.

Every experienced employment lawyer has spoken with countless workers who regret completing the EEOC Charge process without the assistance of legal counsel. After the EEOC issues a “no reasonable cause” determination, the employee receives a Notice of Rights letter (aka Right to Sue letter) and calls around to find a lawyer to file his or her lawsuit. Unfortunately, all too often an employee’s filed charge unintentionally omitted critical information that harms the employee’s legal interests. For example, the boxes for “age” and “retaliation” were not checked, even though those would have been the strongest claims. Maybe critical facts are missing from the charge. This likely means the employee missed the deadline to assert these claims.

#2. Avoid Waiting For an Interview

You call the EEOC and are told you need to schedule an interview with the agency before they can help you file your charge. The next available opening? Three months from now. An attorney can simply file your charge and avoid the delay.

#3. No Out-of-Pocket Fees

The Masker Firm accepts many cases on a contingency fee basis and does not charge any additional fees to represent workers at the EEOC.

Contact a Nashville EEOC Lawyer Today

Your employer has a small army of defense attorneys working day in and day out to deny you your day in court. Do not risk helping them. Hire an experienced Nashville employment lawyer to fight back so you can rest easy knowing that your legal rights are being enforced to the full extent of the law. Contact Curt today for a free online case review.

Client Reviews
Curt worked diligently and maintained excellent communication with my case. He made sure to keep us updated about any and everything. I highly recommend the Masker Firm. Would give more stars if possible. Jeffrey
Curt really came through for me when a previous employer had reported my job title and hire dates incorrectly, he got it corrected within 12 hours of speaking to him about it! I would recommend him for any of your legal needs as he is quite efficient! Renee
Curt was very responsive from the beginning. He made it a very easy process, and he provided excellent guidance in the review of my severance agreement. Due, in part, to Curt's thoughtful suggestions in regards to changing some key language in the agreement that would protect both me and my former employer, they agreed to the changes. To protect yourself during job transition, a review of a severance agreement is a smart thing to do, and Curt will do an excellent job on your behalf. Thomas
Curt handled a case for me and did an unbelievable job in getting a resolution and a great settlement. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Teena