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Nashville Employment Law Firm

Nashville employment lawyer Curt Masker is a relentless advocate for workers who have endured workplace discrimination and retaliation. After graduating from Vanderbilt Law School, Curt worked at one of the 200 largest law firms in the United States. Now, Curt exclusively represents employees in workplace disputes in court and before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). He has a proven track record of successfully fighting for his clients. Contact Curt for your Online Case Review at the number above or online.

At-Will Employment in Tennessee

Do not be deterred by the so-called “at-will” employment doctrine. Although Tennessee is an at-will employment state and an employee can be fired for no reason or even a bad reason, an employee cannot be fired for an unlawful reason. Dozens of unlawful reasons exist under federal and Tennessee law, some of which are detailed below.

Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination means you were fired in violation of a legal right. Dozens of unlawful reasons exist, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and breach of contract. This list of practice areas is a small subset of unlawful reasons for terminating an employee so you should speak with a skilled employment attorney to discuss the specific facts of your case.

Nashville wrongful termination attorney Curt Masker fights to achieve the best possible results for Tennessee workers. Know your legal rights. If you have endured workplace discrimination or harassment, contact Curt for your legal consultation.


Employees deserve to be treated fairly at work regardless of their sex, disability, race, or faith. Yet, workplace discrimination continues to be a pervasive problem. Nashville discrimination lawyer Curt Masker is dedicated to fighting for workplace fairness and seeking the maximum compensation possible for victims of discriminatory employment practices.

Curt represents clients who have endured:

  • Race Discrimination: Race discrimination occurs when you are treated unfairly based on your race, skin color, physical features, dialect, or other personal and cultural characteristics.
  • Gender Discrimination: Employment decisions including hiring and promotion cannot be based on an employee’s sex or gender status.
  • Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity Discrimination: Under federal law, your LGBTQ status is protected and employers are prohibited from treating you unfairly based on societal stereotypes of gender roles and norms.
  • Pregnancy Discrimination: Your pregnancy and related conditions are off limits to your employer in making decisions about your job.
  • Unequal Pay/Wage Discrimination: You deserve equal pay for equal work. Employers are prohibited from paying you less than opposite sex coworkers in substantially similar positions.
  • Age Discrimination: Protected employees (age 40 and up) are protected from adverse employment actions based on their age.
  • Disability Discrimination: The law requires most employers to provide reasonable accommodations to workers with disabilities.
Workplace Retaliation

Sticking up for yourself takes courage. Retaliation is a very real concern for employees who want to do the right thing, but do not allow this perceived threat force you to accept substandard working conditions. Contact Nashville retaliation lawyer Curt Masker for your Online Case Review to know your legal rights.

Sexual Harassment

Nashville employment law lawyer Curt Masker is a relentless advocate for victims of workplace harassment. Enduring sexual harassment at work can be traumatic and devastating. You do not have to tolerate being objectified and humiliated at work for the sake of “not rocking the boat” or keeping your job. You need a lawyer in your corner who you trust and who can take the fight to the company and the harasser.

Hostile Work Environment

A hostile work environment goes beyond rude or obnoxious behavior based on bad management or personality conflicts. The law prohibits a work environment that is riddled with severe or pervasive harassment that prevents you from performing your job or that has an adverse impact on your mental health. Nashville hostile work environment attorney Curt Masker can help you assert your legal rights against your employer.

  • Racially Hostile Work Environment: Encountering racially offensive conduct such the n-word or physical threats due to your race may constitute a racially hostile work environment.
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides employees with job-protected leave so they can seek treatment, heal, or tend to a sick loved one without risking their livelihood. If you have been discriminated against or denied rights or benefits related to medical leave, your employment law rights may have been violated. Nashville-based FMLA lawyer Curt Masker is dedicated to seeking the maximum compensation possible for employees who have been discriminated against after requesting or taking medical leave

Military Leave – USERRA

The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994 (USERRA) is a federal law that protects civilian job rights and benefits for U.S. military members including Reserve components. USERRA provides a comprehensive remedial scheme to guarantee the employment and reemployment rights of servicemembers called upon to serve our nation. No employer can refuse to provide any right or benefit guaranteed by USERRA.

Whistleblower & Qui Tam

Healthcare fraud and abuse costs taxpayers billions each year. Workers who choose to stick up for taxpayers by opposing unlawful billing is encouraged and protected by the False Claims Act, a federal whistleblower law.

Wage Theft

You deserve to be compensated properly for all hours worked and all tips earned. But some employers try to short change employees by refusing to pay overtime or illegally siphoning tips from a tip pool. The law protects workers who are being unlawfully denied their earned wages. Choose to fight back by contacting a wage theft lawyer.

EEOC - Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The EEOC is a federal governmental agency that enforces federal anti-discrimination laws. It is tasked with investigating charges of discrimination filed by workers, making determinations of whether or not discrimination occurred, and, in a limited number of cases, filing suit on behalf of employees. The EEOC enforces laws that protect employees from discrimination, harassment, or retaliation based on the following protected categories: race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation and gender identity, national origin, disability, and genetic information.

Severance Agreements

A severance package usually refers to severance pay along with a severance agreement. A severance agreement is a contract between you and your employer that lays out the terms of your termination. Nearly all severance packages contemplate the same thing: In exchange for you releasing (aka waiving) your legal rights connected to the employment relationship, and making other binding promises, the company agrees to pay you exit money and benefits. Nashville severance package lawyer Curt Masker can ensure your severance is fair based on the market, industry, and specific facts of your situation. If it’s not, then Curt can negotiate a better deal on your behalf.

Do You Have a Wrongful Termination Case?

It’s time to fight back against unlawful treatment at work. Contact Nashville-based labor and employment attorney Curt for your Online Case Review at 866-931-0146 or online.

Client Reviews
Curt worked diligently and maintained excellent communication with my case. He made sure to keep us updated about any and everything. I highly recommend the Masker Firm. Would give more stars if possible. Jeffrey
Curt really came through for me when a previous employer had reported my job title and hire dates incorrectly, he got it corrected within 12 hours of speaking to him about it! I would recommend him for any of your legal needs as he is quite efficient! Renee
Curt was very responsive from the beginning. He made it a very easy process, and he provided excellent guidance in the review of my severance agreement. Due, in part, to Curt's thoughtful suggestions in regards to changing some key language in the agreement that would protect both me and my former employer, they agreed to the changes. To protect yourself during job transition, a review of a severance agreement is a smart thing to do, and Curt will do an excellent job on your behalf. Thomas
Curt handled a case for me and did an unbelievable job in getting a resolution and a great settlement. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Teena