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How Our Intake Process Works

Our law firm helps employees fight back against bad employers. We receive hundreds of calls each month from individuals who want to speak with a lawyer.

Unlike some other firms, an attorney—not a paralegal or legal assistant—reviews every online inquiry we receive. Every situation is unique, with its own facts and legal implications, and requires careful planning and analysis from our attorneys.

To help us assist as many individuals as possible, we offer the following intake options to prospective clients:

  1. Free Online Case Review: We offer a free online case review to prospective clients who live or work in Tennessee. If you complete our online intake questionnaire (located here), one of our employment lawyers will review your information and determine if we might be able to assist you.

    If your matter is one we might accept, one of our lawyers will reach out to you directly to gather more information free of charge.

    If your matter is not one we can help with, we will try our best to point you in the right direction to get help elsewhere.

  2. Paid Attorney Consultation: Sometimes, you simply want an attorney to answer your questions or explain your options. Maybe you’re being harassed at work and nothing is being done about it. Or perhaps you need to request an accommodation for a disability and want to make sure you get the process right. Or maybe your boss refuses to pay a bonus and you want to know your legal options.

    Your employer probably has a team of employment lawyers whom they can call any time and ask these sorts of questions. You deserve the same. That is why we offer a Paid Attorney Consultation for $375. This fee represents a significant discount from our typical attorney hourly rates.

    Before your consultation, one of our lawyers will review your online intake questionnaire to be sure they understand the basics of your employment issues. During the consultation, we will listen to your situation and answer any questions you may have.

    We charge this fee for several reasons. Employment law claims are highly fact intensive, often require preliminary legal research, and demand careful attention to detail. This process—when done right—is time consuming. There are rarely cookie cutter answers available because each employment situation is unique, and “quick and easy” answers rarely exist.

    If you call around seeking a free consultation, you’ll quickly discover that free legal advice leads you nowhere. Some firms that provide free consultations can take a week or longer to respond, only use legal assistants or paralegals, and rarely put in the time required to properly evaluate the claims. This situation leads to non-answers and added frustration.

    (Note: A Paid Attorney Consultation does not include legal review and analysis of employment-related contracts. These matters are charged on an hourly basis.)

    If you would like to schedule a Paid Attorney Consultation, please visit our Schedule a Consultation page and complete all steps. Once completed, we will follow up with you to finalize your consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Intake Process
  1. Who Performs the Free Online Case Review?
  2. Can You Tell Me Why You Didn't Accept My Case After the Free Online Case Review?
  3. How Do I Know If a Paid Attorney Consultation Is Right for My Situation?
  4. How Long Is the Paid Attorney Consultation?
  5. Can I Provide the Attorney With Documentation Ahead of Time?
1. Who Performs the Free Online Case Review?

Unlike some other law firms, one of our employment attorneys reviews every inquiry that comes into our office. So, if you have submitted our online questionnaire, you can be sure that one of our attorneys has read and analyzed your information to determine if we might be able to assist you. It is part of our commitment to help as many employees as possible.

2. Can You Tell Me Why You Didn't Accept My Case After the Free Online Case Review?

Our attorneys read and analyze every Free Online Case Review that comes into our firm. However, we cannot provide information about their analysis to people who submit a Free Online Case Review because doing so would be giving legal advice to a nonclient, which lawyers are not allowed to do. If we do not accept your case, you should know that different lawyers view cases differently, and another firm may be able to assist you even if we can't. We highly encourage you to reach out to other lawyers who may be able to assist you, which is why we provide links to other legal resources with every Free Online Case Review response. If, after receiving a response to your Free Online Case Review, you would still like to speak to one of our attorneys about their analysis of your case, you can schedule a Paid Attorney Consultation. This limited-scope representation allows the attorney to give you legal advice about your situation.

3. How Do I Know If a Paid Attorney Consultation Is Right for My Situation?

Employment laws are complex and confusing. Even when both an employee and their employer want to get it right, it doesn’t always happen. That is why our paid attorney consultations are perfect for individuals who are still employed and have questions about something that is going on at work. Most employment laws are designed to help workers who have been terminated, so it’s unlikely we can accept a matter on a contingency fee basis if you are still employed (with some exceptions).

4. How Long Is the Paid Attorney Consultation?

Up to one hour, with most consultations lasting around 30 minutes.

5. Can I Provide the Attorney With Documentation Ahead of Time?

The attorney can review the most pertinent documents ahead of time, which you can email to Keep in mind that all attorney time spent reviewing documentation counts toward the one hour consultation.

Client Reviews
Curt worked diligently and maintained excellent communication with my case. He made sure to keep us updated about any and everything. I highly recommend Rickard Masker, PLC. Would give more stars if possible. Jeffrey
Curt really came through for me when a previous employer had reported my job title and hire dates incorrectly, he got it corrected within 12 hours of speaking to him about it! I would recommend him for any of your legal needs as he is quite efficient! Renee
Curt was very responsive from the beginning. He made it a very easy process, and he provided excellent guidance in the review of my severance agreement. Due, in part, to Curt's thoughtful suggestions in regards to changing some key language in the agreement that would protect both me and my former employer, they agreed to the changes. To protect yourself during job transition, a review of a severance agreement is a smart thing to do, and Curt will do an excellent job on your behalf. Thomas
Curt handled a case for me and did an unbelievable job in getting a resolution and a great settlement. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Teena